19″ Kingwood Paddle

19″ Kingwood Paddle


kingwood_grainKingwood is a hard wood that originates from Brazil.  Due to its high density Kingwood rates at a High level of difficulty to work with.  Kingwood tends to blunt tools and it may be difficult to sand.  Kingwood can be brought to an amazing finish that will reveal fine dark stripes and spectacular swirls.

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Kingwood 4a

Primary Side

This paddle was created with dark and light kingwood.  The handle was pulled from dark kingwood while the blade was pulled from a light piece of Kingwood stock.  The blade is created from a lighter tone of Kingwood throughout the blade.  The handles were pulled from Kingwood containing white wood covering approximately 1/4th of the handle’s width.  This three color combination is almost identically mirrored on the secondary side.

King Wood 4b

Secondary Side

The secondary side is close to a mirror of the primary side, but the white wood is less pronounced.


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