19″ Cocobolo Paddle

19″ Cocobolo Paddle


Cocobolo is a very hard wood that originates from Central America.  Due to its high density cocobolo tends to stand well against water.  We have found that while working with this wood it takes more sandpaper and a special sealing technique to get the polyurethane to cure.

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Eyes 7b

Primary Side

The primary side of this paddle is stunning.  It consists of 10 knots resembling “eyes” looking back at you.  If you take a close look at the paddle you will find that the tip of the blade has a lighter tone and it gets darker as you move towards the handle.  We had to sacrifice one eye in order to accommodate the strap hole.

EYES 7aSecondary Side

There are seven knots on this side of the paddle and there is one large knot on the handle.  Again, the grain pattern of this paddle is captivating.


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